Twenty Fifteen, the WordPress Default Theme for 

WordPress 4.1 was released on 18th of December. This version was another special release for me.

WordPress 4.1 was released on 18th of December, and the version was another special release for me personally — Twenty Fifteen, the theme I designed as the WordPress default theme for was bundled with this release.

I was absolutely honoured to work on two default themes, Twenty Fourteen and Twenty Fifteen but the latter, Twenty Fifteen, was specially meaningful theme project for me. For the first time of my life, I designed the theme as a default theme from scratch (Twenty Fourteen was originally designed as a premium magazine theme called Further.) Also I was contributing code much more for the theme. I had some challenging timelines and some sleepless nights but I really enjoyed every single day until the release.

Twenty Fifteen is my biggest contribution to WordPress so far and I’m really glad how it turned out, but the success was certainly the team effort — I’d like to thank Matt Mullenweg and the project lead, Ian Stewart for the guidance and support. I’d also like to thank all of amazing contributors from the world who helped to make the theme.

The stunning photo of the West Pier in Brighton is by Victoria Alexander on unsplash. I chose the image to use in all screenshots of the theme because that’s what I used to see from my living room everyday when I was designing the theme:)

Espied, a new portfolio theme is now available on WordPress

I’ve been working on a new portfolio theme called Espied, and it’s now available on WordPress! Although I won’t be having a portfolio here, I switched to this theme anyway:)

We’ve just enabled a new cool feature — Portfolio on WordPress and Espied takes advantage of the feature. Check it out!

Demo site | Documentation


Twenty Fourteen is out with WordPress 3.8 “Parker”

WordPress 3.8 “Parker” was released 12th December.

Every release of WordPress excites me but this one is so special for me and I’m not even sure how I can ever describe. Why? Because it shipped with the default theme for – Twenty Fourteen, the theme I designed with Lance Willett and Konstantin Obenland.

As a WordPress themer, I am absolutely honored to be able to contribute back to WordPress doing what I love the most.

Twenty Fourteen
Twenty Fourteen Theme

Twenty Fourteen Demo →

I have to be honest, I’m ridiculously happy to see myself as a contributing developer with many friends on the credits page. w00t!!

WordPress Contributing Developers

I’d like to thank the team lead, Lance for leading me through this amazing journey, I couldn’t ask anything more. Also the teammate, Konstantin for tons of under-the-hood improvements. And lastly but not least, thank you to all contributors.

The last month, I was taken a photo with Ian Stewart on our recent trip to London. I’d like to thank him also for believing in me.

Not only Twenty Fourteen, WordPress 3.8 also has tons of amazing features and improvements. Read more about WordPress 3.8 “Parker”.


Further becomes Twenty Fourteen

I’m on paternity leave right now and this amazing news came out of the blue for me.

The default theme for which will be released with WordPress 3.8 will be based on the magazine theme I designed–Further.

As a WordPress theme designer, it was absolutely incredible news for me personally and I’m ridiculously stoked.

Here is the demo site and the theme is already in WordPress trunk as Twenty Fourteen, so yes, svn up, everybody!

From now on, it will be improved by hundreds of people from WordPressmunity, and I am really honored.