Ryu theme is now available for download on Extend.

Thanks for waiting, Ryu is now available for self-hosted users!

Author: Takashi Irie

I'm a designer, father, husband, and house music lover living in the UK. I work at Automattic; the people who make WordPress, Jetpack, and a whole bunch of cool stuff.

4 thoughts on “Ryu theme is now available for download on Extend.”

  1. Nice work Takashi. Name inspired by street fighter 2? ha ha

  2. Hi Takashii, I really really loved Ryu, your theme or the Street Fighter version:)
    Anyhoo,is there a way to turn off the automatic color background for each post? I just want it to be white🙂

    1. If your blog is self hosted, the easiest way you can do to stop the background change is that make a child theme and comment out line 12, ryu_tonesque_css(); in content-image.php.