Christmas Gifts from Automattic.

Sweet! Since I’m a UK based international Automattician, it was little late but it’s totally worth for waiting! I’ve received lovely Christmas gifts from Automattic today.

In addition to a cute illustrated card and Automattic group photo stand, it was packed with a veritable geek bounties!!

WordPress Logo'd Incipio Feather iPhone case

We love WordPress, who doesn’t want this?

Cocoon Grid-It organiser

It’s super useful for an Automattician who travels around the world frequently.

Griffin USB Mini Cable-Kit

This is also super useful for me who carries many gadgets while traveling.

Dvorak Keyboard Cover from KB Covers

Oh, I wonder if this is a message to change to Dvorak?!

Jambox by Jawbone

This small portable speaker is incredible. Not only with cable, it streams my house music wirelessly from my iPhone and boosts bass really well! I can even share calls with this as a portable speakerphone!

Thank you for these lovely gifts, Matt-san!!

Kamaage udon at Gonbee in Gion, Kyoto.

Kamaage udon

One of the best kamaage udon I ever had!

Kamaage udon is served in a hot pot with hot water, accompanied by a bowl of dipping sause, quail egg, grated ginger, and chopped spring onion. This is from one of the best udon/soba restaurant called Gonbee (権兵衛) in Gion (祇園), Kyoto. If you have a chance to go to Kyoto, you should have this! I recommend it.

The entrance

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Time to change!

It’s time to renew my site! … but the reality is I’m designing and building it in limited free time after wrangling themes at Automattic and not so much time. There is nothing in portfolio section yet and many are still broken. So basically it’s under construction! So easy on me :)